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Rawstream URL Filtering

Effective threat management and extended
protection for endpoint users

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What is Rawstream URL Filtering?

Rawstream URL filtering service enables a safe browsing experience by protecting your business from ransomware, malware, phishing sites, and other threats to your network. Utilize unlimited block and allow lists with granular and flexible policies and custom categories covering the web.black

Branded Block Pages & Wildcard Support

Custom Block Pages

Block pages are displayed when a user attempts to access a page forbidden by policies. Our URL Filtering solution allows organizations to show customizable block pages. Rawstream understands that brand / organizational identity matters & allows creating fully custom HTML / Javascript / CSS block pages as per brand style & guidelines

Extensive Wildcard Support

Our unique wildcard support makes it possible to allow or deny access to certain subdomains while users are still allowed to access other subdomains or the parent domain. Organisations can enter specific domains to block or allow fine-grained policies to target particular subdomains. For instance, use Rawstream to block Tik Tok across all devices on your network.
It is also the only way to allow certain websites or apps like Spotify, Netflix, and others.

We don’t simply claim network security. We can back it up with real results.


Benefits Of Rawstream Network Filtering

Block Specific Websites & Applications

Leveraging Wildcard support agents you can target specific and otherwise hard to block apps or websites. You can completely block or allow access to such sites by adding more than one domain or wildcard entry to the Allow or Block list.

Monitor Desktop Application Usage

Rawstream tracks time spent in desktop applications, Microsoft Office, and Google Apps. With this unique Rawstream feature, discover unsanctioned and redundant software or unauthorized applications. Use it for productivity reporting, license management, and exposing shadow IT.

Track Bandwidth Usage

Bandwidth is precious, and network abuse can make essential applications such run slower. With Rawstream, you'll get real-time reporting to track bandwidth use and keep a tab on network resource abuse by category or user, allowing you to take measures to keep the network fast and responsive.

Infinite Log Retention

We offer unlimited log retention without any extra charges. All your data is yours. This allows you and your team to go back in time to deal with unforeseen HR or productivity issues. You can also easily track the history of policy updates and other configuration changes.

Free Up Your Devices' Resources

Unlike other security software, Rawstream internet security does not consume your computer's resources. It silently runs in the background without affecting the performance of your system

Time-Based Filtering

Rawstream allows for time-specific URL filtering, allowing you to limit access to certain websites for specific amounts of time. Furthermore, you can define rules and specific criteria to be followed, such as URL categories, users, groups, departments, locations, and time intervals. This granular level of control allows you to cater the URL filtering to the specific needs of your organisation and employees.

Cybersecurity pressure rises each day, and businesses are under pressure to do more with less. You need to enhance integrations across the security stack. Rawstream offers you a consolidated cloud-based security solution with a broad protection set.

Active Directory & Citrix / Remote
Desktop Services

Active Directory Support

We offer smart integration with Active Directory that works in any AD setup. Set URL filtering policies by AD users and AD groups, utilizing a more versatile way to implement a policy.Create a custom policy or apply policies at the group level.

Citrix / Remote Desktop Services

Rawstream supports URL filtering in a wide range of environments including RDS/ Citrix. You can utilize the full per-user reporting and filtering for virtual app environments.

Realtime Reports & Beautiful Dashboards

With Rawstream, our extensive reporting can be drilled down by date, hour, network, or category, and you can easily download the report for offline viewing. Our productivity reports with contextual and historical insights provide robust real-time monitoring, allowing you to easily identify problem areas and take remedial action.  

We simplify the security ecosystem, reducing costs and resource requirements.