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A Network Filtering Solution With Real-Time Visibility

Enterprise network protection without a massive price tag


Why Use Rawstream Network Filter?

Protect Your Entire Network

Rawstream network filtering protects both on and off-premise devices from web-born threats. The DNS filter works at the network level, and you can implement it at your server, and it can be utilized for multiple locations.


Secure BYOD Devices

For remote and employees using their own devices, Rawstream network web filtering solutions safeguard the BYOD devices against ransomware, malware, and phishing attacks. Our network security filters all devices on the network.

Maintain On-Site & Remote Productivity

Our network security enriches workplace productivity as it works at the network level, and it fits well with the work-from-home and remote working trend.

You can secure your publicly accessible network and create a safe network by restricting malicious sites.


Safeguard Guest WiFi

Leverage DNS threat protection for your Guest WiFi. Our DNS security blocks objectionable content on your customers, users, or guests' devices, without the requirements for software installation on the devices.

Experience Rawstream network content filtering with 80+ categories covering the whole web.

Flexible policies, zero latency and real-time reporting with detailed Dashboards.

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Benefits Of Rawstream Network Filtering


Effortless Deployment

We are a 100% cloud solution with fast and simple deployment. Rawstream network web filters services can be implemented within minutes.

Deploys quickly, either as a virtual appliance or with a redirection of the DNS server settings.


Flexible Policy Enforcement

Rawstream network security is a perfect solution for enforcing security organization-wide, and it is a good fit for baseline protection.

It allows applying various policies to user groups and individual users network-wide and helps you run your business safely and securely.


For HR Teams

For both onsite and remote employees, our solution helps the HR teams in any compliance and legal issues as well.

Rawstream network content filtering ensures a safe search for customers, guests, and visitors.

Experience Rawstream universal network web filtering and boost your network security.