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GDPR Compliance

Rawstream helps customers keep their networks secure, and staff safe and productive online.

Our customers are organisations and businesses large and small. We do not market to individuals. We charge for the use of our services. The price charged covers the full cost of providing the service. We do not sell, share, or monetise the data we collect to subsidize the services we offer.

Rawstream does not share any data with any third parties, nor do we obtain any personal data from third-party sources.

All data collected is used solely to provide our services.

Rawstream is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Personal Data We Collect

We collect a minimal amount of personal data, none of which can be considered sensitive. The personal data collected has minimal privacy impact. We collect: email address, name and surname, IP address, and we set Google Analytics and Rawstream cookies.

We do not carry any third-party cookies except Google Analytics which is used to understand the behaviour of visitors to our website. First party (rawstream.com) cookies are used solely to support the provision of the service.

Personal Data Collection
How We Manage Your Data

How We Manage Your Data

Data is stored securely and safely on a number of servers in England
and EU countries. Backups of the data is taken at regular intervals and
stored in EU countries. Appropriate technical measures have been
taken to protect our servers and all data stored on them, & continuous
monitoring is in place to verify the integrity of our security measures
and the servers themselves.

Rawstream has assigned the role of data protection officer to a
director of the company. Customers can reach the DPO at

Rawstream’s privacy policy is available at http://rawstream.com/privacy

Access To Your Data

We log data that customers choose to send us, and we provide
extensive reporting based on the data sent that gives customers
insight into what is happening on their network. Customers can easily download data in the widely supported CSV file format. We also provide programmatic means (an API) to download the data.

The data we keep is available at any time from the Rawstream
dashboard. Customers can update their personal data at any time
by emailing privacy@rawstream.com.

Access To Your Data
Data Retention

Data Retention

We retain email address and name for as a long as users remain
customers and then 2 years afterwards, unless we are instructed
otherwise. A customer can ask to have their account and associated
data deleted from our system. We may also retain personal data as
necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and
enforce our agreements.

IP addresses are automatically deleted when a customer closes their


How To

Export Your Data

Data is exportable in CSV format from within the dashboard. You can also use our API:

Update Your Personal Data

Email us at privacy@rawstream.com and we will delete your data within 48 hours.

Delete Your Data

Email us at privacy@rawstream.com and we will delete your data within 48 hours.