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Take the Risk Out of Your Guest WiFi

Easy-to-Deploy Public WiFi Security with DNS Threat Protection. Our services might be on the cloud, but our feet are on the ground.


Reliable Public WiFi Security with Hassle-Free Deployment


Rawstream Guest WiFi Protection

  • Block objectionable content and illegal downloads
  • Internet Watch Foundation support
  • No more DMCA notices!
  • 100% uptime since 2013

Effortlessly Secure Guest WiFi

  • Works with any access point
  • Remote setup
  • Effortless multi-network management
  • Fully Customizable Block page

Protect Your Network
From Abuse

  • With Rawstream block objectionable content
  • Block malware
  • Block P2P/torrent traffic to prevent network abuse

If you are a business owner providing free WiFi to your guests, your network is vulnerable to attacks.

Why Choose Rawstream Public WiFi Security?


100% Cloud DNS-based filtering

We provide 100% cloud-based DNS filtering. Utilize the cloud-based dashboard with real-time reporting and get the guest analytics on the number of guests, returning visitors, traffic by day and time of day, dwell time, cross branch visitors, branch, and aggregate reporting.


Brandable Block Pages

We understand that brand and identity matter for organizations. Rawstream offers fully customizable block pages, unlike competitors' standard template block pages. Organisations have their own brand design and style with fully custom HTML / Javascript / CSS block pages.


Prevent Bandwidth Abuse

Rawstream blocks P2P / torrent traffic, video sites, and other bandwidth-heavy sites and prevents bandwidth abuse. Reduce legal risk with our smarter approach to blocking P2P and illegal downloads and torrents.


Flexible Licensing

Utilize CloudDNS Security for your WiFi with per-access point licensing. Our team and our solutions are flexible, so we're happy to tailor our services to your business's unique needs.


Web Filtering

Web filtering from Rawstream offers centralized location-based policies with 80 categories, block and allow lists, and customizable HTML block pages.


Enforce Google Safe Search

Enable safe search with just a click for all devices on the network. Google Safe Search helps educational institutions and other organizations avoid inappropriate content appearing in search results, keeping your workforce and their devices safe and secure.


Real-Time Insights

Track activities across your offices with cloud-based real-time reporting. Get the cloud-based guest analytics, reports on returning visitors, number of guests, cross branch visitors, branch and aggregate reporting.


Dynamic Public IP

Run Rawstream's Dynamic DNS client on any device on the network to update the network's Public IP. Rawstream provides a free dynamic IP service for free with the core service even for smaller networks that cannot have a fixed public IP.


Unlimited Log Retention

We retain all of your organisation's log data without any additional storage or download charges.


Flexible Licensing For Service Providers

We are extremely flexible and tailor our services to your specific needs. Leverage customized solutions for ISPs based on:

Access Points
External IPs
DNS Requests

Rawstream Enables Secure Wi-Fi for


Higher Education Security

Protect all guests’ devices that are accessing your institution’s wireless network.


Retail And Hospitality Security

Centralize and manage network security for retail shops, hotels, cafes, and restaurants.


Telecom & ISP Services

Enhance network and cyber security, keep your users' data safe and secure from potential threats such as ransomware and phishing attacks.


Small Businesses

Effortless deployment of WiFi security for small businesses ensures the safety of all devices and prevents misuse by employees and guests.


White-Label Customization

Complete Freedom To Customize Rawstream Guest WiFi Security To Match Your Brand.Pick the colours, images, and style with our support for CSS and images. Use Javascript support to redirect guests to pages, or any other behavior you’d like to implement.

Point your DNS to the Rawstream global network, and any device connected is protected instantly. We make cybersecurity easy!