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Why Use Rawstream Endpoint Agent?

Native Protection for Endpoints

Rawstream Endpoint Agent allows you to monitor and block threats anywhere in your system. Secure your devices on or off premise with 24/7 updates for constant protection against threats.

Zero Latency

Unlike all other endpoint security tools that use DNS, the Rawstream agent acts as a local HTTP/S proxy that filters on the device itself. There are no extra network hops or bandwidth bottlenecks for uninterrupted web browsing experiences.

Works in Wide Range of Environments

The Rawstream Web Filtering agent runs on various environments, including Active Directory (AD) and Remote Desktop Services. The high-performance native agents integrate with Microsoft Office 365 & Google G-Suite. All content filters support AD, and the filters integrate with AD with a unique distributed design where the endpoint agents collect only their own local AD information.

Block / Allow Lists with Wildcard Support

Rawstream supports 80+ domain categories that help to set more granular policies across the web. Infinite block /allow list with thousands of entries supports wildcard characters.  It enables the ultimate fine grain in policies and helps to block applications/sites that you cannot with competing solutions.

Track Bandwidth Usage

Rawstream offers real-time reporting to determine bandwidth use and abuse by category/users. Better manage bandwidth for a faster, more responsive network with scalable reports with real-time visibility.

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Endpoint Security?

Benefits Of Rawstream Endpoint Security

Trace Desktop Application Usage

Easily monitor your employee devices with Rawstream remote desktop application feature. Rawstream endpoint tracks unauthorized applications and exposes shadow IT. It understands desktop app usage & tracks inappropriate and redundant software that can be a security threat.

Web Filtering for Any Operating System

Native agents for Windows, MacOS, and Chromebooks. All agent events are audited, such as agent install, start, stop and uninstall.  Leverage our native google for education support, Rawstream integrates with Google App for education and Google SSO.

Remote Desktop Services / Citrix

Rawstream endpoint security supports Remote Desktop Services/ Citrix. Take advantage of the full per-user reporting and filtering for virtual app environments.

Boost Workplace Productivity

Rawstream's accurate time tracking feature provides actual productivity reporting for employees. Keep a tab on the employees' desktop app usage & time spent in desktop applications.
Track the unauthorized applications used without organization knowledge, which can be a security threat. Together, these unique features deliver a productivity boost, making it suitable for remote work.

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