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Effective Web Filter & Content Filtering for Productive Organisations


What is Content & Web Filtering?

In simple terms, internet content filtering is used to block access to web content that may be deemed inappropriate, offensive and sometimes considered dangerous as well. This also helps in tracking and regulating sites on the basis of their content categories.

Why Do You Need  Rawstream's Content &
Web Filter?


Content Filtering for Endpoints

With Rawstream's more granular content filtering policies can be applied for endpoints, such as adult content websites or other malicious sites.

It ensures reasonable access and boosts endpoint productivity by preventing site abuse.

HTTPS Filtering

Rawstream HTTPS filtering is a plug-and-play solution. It does not require additional configuration, proxies, or CA certificates to decrypt and block threats. Unlike competitors, Rawstrem’s agent can filter HTTPS websites without requiring deploying SSL certificates and still preserves privacy.

Track Desktop Application Usage

Track the time spent on desktop applications.Understand desktop app usage and discover unsanctioned or redundant software that can be a security threat.

Policy Compliance & Real-Time Reporting

Set targeted user and group policies with scalable real-time reporting. Rawstream organizations manage users' access filtering policies based on time of day or date or based on a quota, providing more flexibility in how policies are applied.


Have you enforced an internal policy with acceptable web use?

Does your institution need to meet the internet safety regulation?

Defend your intellectual property without compromising your productivity. A web content filtering solution that is safe, HR-accepted, and swift

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80+ Domain Categories Covering the Entire Web

Eighty categories cover the entire web allowing more granular, flexible policies.
Organizations apply policies on different website categories, for instance, social media, sports, or adult sites.


Monitor Bandwidth Usage

Keep a tab on user bandwidth usage with real-time reporting trace bandwidth use & abuse by category/user.
Take remedial action to keep the network fast and responsive.


Powerful Wildcard Support for Granular Blocking

Wildcard characters supported unlimited block/ allow lists help organizations block or enable specific domains with fine-grained policies.
Rawstream is unique as it supports plain domains and wildcard characters.


Active Directory / Remote Desktop Services support

Fast, simple, hassle-free integration with AD supports whatever the size and complexity of your AD.
Rawstream's unique end-point agent works on Remote Desktop Services environment with the filtering for all virtual app environments


How Does Rawstream's Content & Web Filter Stand Apart?


Time-Based Policies

Only Rawstream supports quota-based policies helping organizations to allow user access for a total number of hours per day, preventing abuse, and boosting productivity.


Log Retention without Limits

Rawstream offers unlimited log retention at no extra charge, allowing organizations to go back in time to deal with unforeseen issues


Unlimited Allow and Block Lists

This feature ensures that users can never access sites which are on the block list. The block pages are entirely customizable and support CSS, Javascript, and images.

Rawstream offers you bulk uploads to make administration easy and enable unlimited entries.


Per-User Based Web Filtering & Monitoring

No struggle with IP-based systems anymore. Rawstream web filtering uses proxy-based filtering; hence there is no shared use of resources and lessening the challenges.

You can apply the per-user policy or the per-user web browsing activity as well

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Experience an intuitive UI with hassle-free deployment that supports a diverse work environment


Excellent Performance

There is almost zero latency as the browser connecting to the proxy is running on the same system, hence no bandwidth limitations and does not add a network
hop like the cloud-based web proxies.
This also ensures that users' browsing experience is intact without any hindrance.


Communication Privacy

Our proxy-based approach ensures that all traffic is processed on the device itself.

There is no requirement to send it to any third-party servers.This type of website filtering ensures maximum privacy for your organization's communications.

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Dive into policy updates and configuration change history with Rawstream's audit log


Downloadable Reports & Dashboard

Rawstream offers downloadable and Microsoft Excel-compatible real-time reports. The accurate time
tracking feature offers the time people spend on websites, and the high-level data is useful for employee productivity reports and line management reporting.
You can drill down the insights by date, hour, network, domain, and category, irrespective of the organization's size.


Lightweight and Resource-Efficient

The Rawstream web filtering is lightweight, and its resource-efficient web proxy enables scores of instances that are to be running on each remote desktop service.

Multiple user sessions can be running on a server as the end-point agent does not consume memory or CPU resources.


Start a free 15-day trial to get acquainted with Rawstream easy deployment and intuitive features. Offer your users secure access to the internet, on and off-premise, with Rawstream.

Rawstream is Everything You Need for a Safe Browsing Experience, and Then Some.


Flexible & Geo-Localized Enforcement

Rawstream features flexible, geo-localized enforcement. You can assign your users policies with diverse internet restrictions and logging settings for both on and off-premise networks. Rawstream updates users of the policy with branded, customizable block pages. It also allows approved and delegated users to bypass these pages


SafeSearch Web Filtering

Rawstream web filters provide SafeSearch to block explicit images, videos, and websites from search results. You can enforce web filtering for Google, YouTube, and Bing, assuring that your users have access to only suitable browsing content.


Ease of Use

Rawstream web filtering is easy-to-use and can be quickly set up. You can leverage the ongoing management of policies per IP address, network, device, or user, which proves the control of your organization's internet usage.


Grow your business with Rawstream. Contact us at partners@rawstream.com to learn more