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Rawstream Cloud DNS Customer Satisfaction: Top-3 Fast Food Chain in the USA

Customer was unhappy with their large-brand guest WiFi filtering service. They chose Rawstream DNS to provide security and adult filtering across all 2,400 locations in the Continental USA, serving  hundreds of thousands of visitors daily. They have remained a Rawstream customer ever since.

The customer is a fast growing fast-food chain in the United States. They have quickly climbed from  10th place to top 3 with over $11 billion in annual sales, serving tens of millions of customers. Brand  matters to the customer and being family-friendly is a core part of the brand.

Their existing content  filter was ineffective for multiple reasons:

  1. Inaccurate content blocking
  2. Ineffective blocking of illegal / P2P downloads
  3. Customer complaints due to inaccurate and ineffective filtering
  4. Internal complaints due to the legal issues arising from ineffective blocking of illegal  downloads

Given the impact on its family-friendly brand and the legal costs the customer evaluated a number  of competing solutions.

The evaluation criteria were:

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Content filtering and malware blocking
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P2P blocking
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Ease of deployment
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evaluation image

The customer is a Fortune 500 company with a very popular consumer brand, and the evaluation  was very competitive with a large number of vendors, including all major cybersecurity vendors,  submitting proposals. Rawstream was the winning vendor.

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Rawstream was rolled out quickly across all 1,900 locations back in 2016. Today, Rawstream is  deployed at over 2,400 Restaurants securing and maintaining a family-friendly environment for  hundreds of thousands of daily visitors.


The customer has been Very Happy With Our Service – the service has been very reliable with zero  downtime, a great guest experience, and a successful resolution of the issues related to illegal  content. The customer has extended their relationship with Rawstream for five years in a row.

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The Rawstream Advantage

A great product, With 100% Uptime. We help our customers be successful and delivering a great  service is at the heart of what we do.