Posted April 29, 2020

The Challenges Of Working From Home


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Rawtream Web Filtering is a powerful web security solution for all your endpoints.

Working from home has its advantages (no commute!), but presents its own challenges.

Working in a office provides structure and routine. You may not stop for a lunch break, but colleagues getting up for a lunch break serves as a reminder that you’re skipping a break.

No Structure

At home however, these reminders and routines are no longer there. Hours can quickly fly-by and day merges into night. Forgetting to switch off and day merges into night.

The other challenge with a lack of structure is that important work may be relegated to the bottom of the pile. Being able to prioritize work is important. Get the biggest most important task out of the way. Such tasks take up much more mental energy than they deserve and getting them out of the way first frees up the rest of the day.

Distractions & Interruptions

Netflix, pets, and an infinity facebook feed are ever-present temptations. You could work on that report or you could finish the last episode of the season… We’re all human and that quick scroll through Instagram can quickly turn into an hour long distraction.

We help you help yourself

We cannot walk your dog or get you lunch, but we do provide the data to help you keep track of your day.

my.rawstream is a very useful feature to help you track the time spent. The Rawstream Endpoint agent tracks both time spent in active tabs and also desktop applications. With an accurate track of time spent, you can judge whether its time for a break or whether distractions have eaten into your productivity.

For PCs running the Rawstream Web Filtering agent, simply browse to to get the time tracking for the last 10 days. The agent only tracks active time spent in a browser tab or application – background tabs and applications are not shown. and if you’re away from your machine the time tracking will pause.

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