Posted April 15, 2019

Product Name Update


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Product Name Update

We’re always looking at ways to improve our products and that usually means technical improvements. Sometimes improving a product has nothing to do with the technical side, but simply how its presented.

From talking to customers we realised that the difference between the different products was not always clear. Our communications were giving the impression that Rawstream is a DNS-based filter and that our end-point agents are DNS based as well. Clearly, there was room for improvement.

New Names. Still Great.

The Rawstream CloudDNS name has gone away, and replaced with three products with appropriate pricing for each:

Rawstream Web Filtering is our end-point filtering based on native agents for Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks. Rawstream Web Filter works at the HTTP / HTTPS layer.

You would deploy Web Filtering if you need per-user filtering and logging, or if you need anywhere filtering. Web Filter has both security and productivity related features. Additional reporting includes application usage, and a bandwidth monitoring. Pricing is per-user. Read More.

Rawstream Network Security is our DNS-based filtering product. Network Security works at the network level and filters all devices connected to the network. It is cloud-based, but we also have an on-premise deployment option.

You would choose Network Security if you need to secure your network against security threats and blocking illegal downloads. Pricing is per-user, however we can do per-DNS or site-based pricing should you need. Read more.

Rawstream Guest WiFi Security is also DNS-based filtering intended for guest WiFi networks. Guest WiFi Security is your best option if you need to secure your guest wifi against security threats, block illegal download and enforce Safe Search for Google, Youtube, Bing, etc. Pricing is per-access point but we support per-network or site-wide pricing.Read more.

Pricing and features are unchanged.

Choosing is Easy

You still sign up from one place. So how do you choose a product? Simple: based on what you deploy.

If you deploy the Rawstream end-point agents then you are automatically using Rawstream Web Filtering. If you only use DNS-based filtering than you’ve picked Network Security. Moving between products is as simple as choosing what is best to help achieve your goals. Web Filtering and Network Security are designed to work together and managed from a single pain of glass.

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