Posted May 26, 2015

Looking For On-Premise DNS Filtering, But OpenDNS Is Too Expensive?


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Looking For On-Premise DNS Filtering, But OpenDNS Is Too Expensive?

…then we have great news for you!

We saw the need for an on-premise solution to complement our Cloud DNS, so we built Rawstream Network DNS.

On-Premise DNS that doesn’t suck

We’ve been working on an on-premise DNS solution that:

1.delivers great web security and filtering
2.Per-IP reporting and filtering managed
4.doesn’t require any expensive hardware, or third party software! very simple to deploy
6.affordable by small organisations as well as large

Why Rawstream Network DNS

1.filter WiFi guests / BYOD
2.enforce Google SafeSearch for all devices on the network – great for schools
3.Per-IP visibility / control into network traffic

Rawstream Network DNS is live in production right now with select educational and business customers securing networks with thousands of users and BYOD devices.

If you’re interested in giving Rawstream Network DNS a spin email us at

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