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Posted March 5, 2013

Channel Partner? IT Reseller? Here’s Why To Choose Us In 150 Words


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Channel Partner? IT Reseller? Here’s why to choose us in 150 words

Channel Partner? IT Reseller? Here’s Why To Choose Us In 150 Words

Do you want to jump into one of the fastest growing markets? We help you build your services portfolio by offering your customers a solution to spend their time online productively, profitably, and safely with on our cloud-based web filtering solution.

1. Solve a real pain point – help your customers improve their business’s productivity and keep their networks safe against online threats

2. Deliver a comprehensive service with minimal effort.

3. Unique product. Competitive pricing with a short sales cycle.

4. Select distributors (not over-distributed)

5. Comprehensive, accessible support

6. Utility based pricing, no upfront fees.

7. Partner focused

We understand the challenges channel partners face and we’ve built an innovative solution that is easy to sell, deploy and maintain. Our solution keeps your customers happy, your support costs lower, and we help you close deals faster.

Interested? Call us on UK: +44 (0) 7938 609 509 or US: 1-800-965-299.

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